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    Default Slick wood stairs

    We have open wood stairs finished with polyurethane that are quite slick. I thought I had read somewhere about something that could added to a top coat to make them slightly rougher without changing the look but I can't find the article. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Slick wood stairs

    could add a coat with some sand mixed in- ask at paint supply store...
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    Default Re: Slick wood stairs


    Timothy Miller is correct. There is a fine silica sand available at paint stores intended exactly for this purpose. It is very fine and not too noticeable even in varnish. In the past, I have used wooden ramps to aid in getting my powerwasher into my work van. I varnished these boards and then gave them one more coat with a little of the traction sand mixed in. I would only put it in the last coat, as any additional plain varnish over it will diminish its traction characteristics.

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    Default Re: Slick wood stairs

    I have heard about a product called skid safe. http://ndclean.com/skidsafe.html. It sound like it could work well for you.
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