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    Angry Procell composit decking

    We installed a Procell deck a couple of years ago. Azek Corpration has since acquired Procell and I did speak with a company rep. The first year it looked great. This is the second year and it looks faded and worn out. We have stains on the deck that look like something dripped as someone was walking across it. We also had what looked like puddling stains. The company says its environmental and that the discolored areas are due to oxidation not their product. The stains actually come from within the deck.

    We are "do it yourselfers" and my husband spent countless hours installing this two tiered deck. We also bit the bullet to install this high end product because it was supposed to be maintainance free. They advertise it to simply rinse with mild soap and a hose.

    Have you heard of anyone else having difficulty and can you suggest a solution?? I have pictures that I can send...

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