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    Default Re: Procell composit decking

    We're also having this issue. We had an Azek (formerly Procell, I believe) deck installed less than two weeks ago. I have a Big Green Egg and had it set up on a piece of brown paper bag (to prevent scratching) and a 16" cinger block paver. This was the configuration of the egg when the sales guy came out. I specifically asked if that would be a problem. He said it wouldn't, just keep the egg a good distance from the railing (duh).

    The egg was sitting on the Azek deck for only EIGHT days like this. My father brought up a table for it and we lifted the egg into it's new home. It was raining, so I didn't take a very close look at where the egg had been sitting on the paver and paper bag. The next morning, with the rain gone, the Morado Brown deck was now WHITE under where the egg had sat.

    We've called our contractor and they're going to come out Tuesday to take a look.

    I hit a spot of it with a hair dryer on high and rubbed at it. The white began to go away a little. I hope they can fix it.

    We didn't even have this deck two weeks before this blemish happened.

    Contractors should be required to hand out a "do's and don'ts" manual for the materials they're installing if they're this dang sensitive.

    Edit to add: I love how their website says Azek Deck is "Impervious to moisture and insects". Is there a new definition for the word "impervious" I'm unaware of?

    I'd be interested in any updates on warranty (to set precedents) or legal solutions to this issue. I'm a new member, so I can't e-mail anyone to follow up just yet.
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