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    Another thing to watch out for is a phishing e-mail. It's one that asks you to confirm your password or says your password has be compromised and tells you to change your password. They have a link listed and if you click on it it will ask you to enter your password for confirmation or ask you to enter your existing password and a new password. These are used to collect your passwords and are not affiliated with the sites. If you ever change your password go directly to the site involved and change the password there. I usually get about 3 a week asking me to conferm my Yahoo password or a bank password.
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    If you use EBAY or PayPal , you can count on getting some very
    authentic looking phishing e-mail . Some of the best I've seen .

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    We've been experiencing issues with the community site and are investigating the cause. Thanks for the tips you've provided here. If you are receiving messages from the system, these are for your notification and protection. If you have additional concerns feel free to contact us at by sending a private message to the Administrator.


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