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    i live in a very old house. a portion of which is log walled construction. the east addition houses kitchen and large pantry. the north addition houses the three bedrooms and baths. the north walls seem to remain very cold during the winter months. these walls are more than six inches thick but i suspect have a very substandard insulation factor. these bedrooms are on poured slab, while the center of the house is over a basement.
    my question, would i be better off trenching along the north wall and inserting board insulation to break contact with the soil that freezes and never receives any sun during winter months or digging down several inches and doing a ground cover with board insulation? my theory is that by breaking the slabs contact with the frozen soil i will use the ambient soil temperature to my benefit
    i could do an experiment using a portion of the wall employing both methods and incorporating thermometers, etc but as i just turned 68 years old i would like to solve the problem while i'm young
    any help greatly appreciated. i know it is mid summer but i would like to get the project completed before the snow flies and i am the one that is going to have to do the work
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