I have a questions as it relates to laminate floors. I just moved into my first townhome so I am new to being a homeowner. I have 2 dogs and feel like I am constantly steamcleaning my carpets. I want hardwood floors or something like it. I am thinking about ripping up the carpet and putting down laminate. As you could probably imagine I am on some sort of budget but am willing to bend a little on cost. The area I am doing is about 300 sq feet so it is not a huge area. My questions are:

1. Is laminate my best option
2. Will the laminate stand up to the durability of the dogs
3. What type or brand of laminate would you reccomend most
4. The larger of my two dogs drips water on the floor when she drinks....will this damage the laminate in any way (we put a towel under her bowl to try to keep it dry as possible)

Any and all info would be much appreciated because again...I am so new to this

Thank you
Rob Wells (Nanuet, NY)