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    Default Re: Cast iron tub removal

    Blue Ridge Parkway, you think that would work if I used my mule instead of a pick um up?

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    Default Re: Cast iron tub removal

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue RidgeParkway View Post
    take that silly wench on the front of your useless truck and string up a block and tackle pully system like we have on the barn, harness up the tub with a few guy lines. you don't think they actually carried the dang thing up stairs or framed walls around the thing do you? our 6-1/2' long cast iron claw foot wasn't added till the house had plumbing at least 50 years after it was built! when we sent it out for blasting and refinish thats exactly what we did from the 3rd floor. we used trolly carts to move the tub out of position after we slipped them in using a hydraulic jack.

    the clowns on this site are very stupid.
    That must have been quite the site.
    How did you attach the block and tackle to the house?
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