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    Default conversion from TK, Jr. to Triangle Tube

    We are in the beginning stages of a home addition,garage and master bedroom. A few years ago we converted our oil heat to gas using a Takagi, Jr. to run our domestic hot water and radiant heat. With our addition the radiant heat contractor has suggested converting our TK, Jr. to a Triangle Tube Excellence 110.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Triangle Tube brand? We have had no problems with our TK, but with the additional square footage we will pushing the limits of the TK. The house will now be about 1400 s.f. We live in the mild climate of the NW.


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    Default Re: conversion from TK, Jr. to Triangle Tube


    Triangle Tube is very well thought of in the heating industry for the excellent boilers and indirect hot water heaters they manufacture.

    Their stainless steel Prestige line of boilers in both the Solo and Excellence lines are among the best in the industry.

    The Excellence 110 is wall-hung with a built-in hot water storage tank to save space.

    These stainless steel condensing boilers are in the 92% AFUE efficiency range and are considered the standard by many in the heating field.

    Please let us know of your experiences with whatever you decide to have installed.
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