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    Default garage attic storage project

    I have a customer that would like to add storage space in his garage attic. The attic has 2X4 trusses. The garage is 24 X 30. I have a nice space from one end of the attic to the other to add a floor. My question is: do I need to beef up the ceiling joists to gain some strength for the added weight? Would 2X6's be enough? What would be a good flooring material for this project (OSB, plywood)?

    Thanks for any advice in advance!


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    Default Re: garage attic storage project

    Technically engineered trusses designed just for the roof structure are not designed to carry the extra loads for attic storage.
    If you are a professional involved with modifying them you better get an engineer to sign off on the work --- otherwise your butt is on the line.
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    Default Re: garage attic storage project

    Definitely look into doing this the right way as safety is an issue here. It doesn't sound like there would be enough support up there for this.
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