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    Default Exposed bat insulation in Garage

    My husband wants to remove the drywall ceiling of our gargage so he can have access to the wiring. Our garage is attached to the house and we have a bedroom directly above the garage, therefore has bat insulation in it.My husband will keep the insulation in the ceiling after the dry wall is removed.

    MY concern is what will happen to the insulation once the ceiling is removed. I have concern about the moisture level in the garage and the changes of weather, we live in the Northeast. I am also concerned about small animals living in the ceiling insulation in the winter months.

    Does anyone out there have exposed insulation in the ceiling of their garage? What are the positives and negatives of doing this.

    Any ideas or thoughts are welcomed.

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    Default Re: Exposed bat insulation in Garage

    You will end up with a pretty serious code violation if you remove and do not replace the drywall.

    The drywall provides a one hour rated fire barrier between the garage and house.

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    Default Re: Exposed bat insulation in Garage

    Big ditto to what Kent mentioned.

    Also with the drywall in place and properly mudded and taped will provide some measure of exhaust intrusion ( carbon monoxide) into the living space above.

    While the ceiling in the garage is removed would be a good time to properly seal any voids that might allow air infiltration upstairs also ensure the insulation is also well placed for comfort.
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