I am about to start building a new house and am wondering about the best sequence of tradespeople. I've got most of them figured out, but am stumped on the hardwood flooring. From what I can tell, there's a 50-50 split on what comes first, the hardwood flooring, or the finished trim, such as the baseboards and trim around the doors.

Also, with regard to kitchen cabinets, should those sit on top of finished hardwood flooring (will have hardwoods in every room except baths)?

My big concern is gaps. Specifically the gaps where the flooring meets the baseboard. I absolutely do not want any shoe molding, so I'm thinking the sequence should be as follows:

1. Trim out door ways and stairs
2. Hardwoods throughout (and tile in bath)
3. Kitchen cabinets and bath vanity (both going over finished flooring
4. Baseboards last (except in the case if a room required wall to wall carpeting, which I won't have anyways)

Is this the right sequence? My biggest concern is ensuring the best looking finished product, and if that means more work for one particular tradesmen (carpenter coming in twice, once for door trim, once for baseboard install) then so be it.