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Thread: Old House Locks

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    Default Old House Locks

    In my 1920s duplex, someone took the old master locks (spring-loaded, see attached pic for sim.) and disabled them on the interior doors, leaving the rectangular box. They then drilled new holes and installed new shiny **** deadbolts. Ugh. Sooo ugly. Here are my questions:

    1) Can I repair the holes in the old doors?

    2) My exterior door has the old master locks right now. No deadbolts. I don't think this is safe. I'd like to install a new lock, perferably a deadbolt, or at least one that latches more securely, but don't know where to look to find a new lock with the old dimensions... it's certainly not something carried at home depot and my local locksmith doesn't know. I can't be the only person in the country with this problem! I don't want to drill a new hole!!! Are there lock makers that specialize in these types of issues?



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