Recently, after having a radon removal system install at the sump pump location, I (along with the installing contractor) discovered that the drain pipe/tubing around the perimeter of the house's foundation was clogged. This is the black flexible plastic tubing/piping with holes buried underground around the outside of the foundation to collect the excess rain water and collect/draw it to the sump well so that the sump pump can pump it outside. I do not want dig up the outside landscape to solve this issue. Instead, I would like to insert a garden hose starting from the sump well into the 3 inch black plastic tubing with a nozzle set at a moderate water force and snake the hose until the clog is unclogged. This way the water force will break up any and all clogging debris and the water will wash it into the sump well and the sump pump will then pump all the water and material out. Has anyone encounter this issue? Anyone got any other methods to unclog the drain, without having to dig up the outside perimeter landscaping? Thanks to all in advance for their inputs/suggestions/recommendations!