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    Default Installing 1 x 4 flouresent recessed in drywall

    I have a 1' x 4' flourescent light fixture to install in my basement with a drywall ceiling. The joists are 16" apart. The fixture has a flange that will extend over the opening cutout edges. It also comes with outrigger cleats to tighten against a 2x4 along the side edges of the opening above the drywall.

    Will the fixture be supported well enough with the wood against the drywall?

    Does the wood above the drywall need to be fastened in some way before the light fixture is put into place? If so, how is that best done?

    Oops. The cleats allow about 1 1/2 inches and the 12 inch width of the fixture leaves only about 3 inches at the sides. So 2x4's will not work. I think I can nail 2 1x2's to the joists at each side. That gives me a good solid ledge to tighten down the cleats.
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