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    Default Leaking Fibreglass Bathtub Need Help

    Hey Guys,

    I'm having an some trouble with a fibreglass bathtub,
    it has been corked [mastic] many times, but after a few weeks the water starts coming through where the mastic joins the bathtub and wall and leaking downstairs.

    The leak mainly starts from where the two walls meet [but around the frame of the bathtub]

    I have also put up some images

    I think it might be cause the bathtub moves [the fibreglass bathtub is quite thin]
    Does anyone know of some way of creatively / cost effectively fix the problem?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Leaking Fibreglass Bathtub Need Help

    Is that a plastic surround? If so, you might have to remove it. There should be a collar around the three side of the tub that is about an inch tall. Make sure the corners aren't breached in some manner. If they are, this will have to be repaired, I'd recommend a fiberglass epoxy repair kit.

    When you replace the surround, you could use some RTV silicone caulk between the surround and the tub collar.

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    Default Re: Leaking Fibreglass Bathtub Need Help

    Its sound like perhaps it wasn't corked properly. Replacing the surround is goo advice.
    Find licensed plumbers in your area.

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