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    Default Ladder on a slant

    I want to repair boards on the side of the house,but my yard slants a lot.How can i get my ladder to stay straight,without tilting down hill?

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    Default Re: Ladder on a slant

    The best and safest way is to use a ladder leg extender, here's one example

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    Default Re: Ladder on a slant

    I get the sense that you're using a step ladder on a slope. That being said, every situation is different, so a single "safe" method is rather hard to describe without pictures or a visit to the site. What I would do is construct a safe, stable platform that will support the ladder, be it an extension or a step type ladder. The platform may consist of a few blocks, a few blocks with a wood platform, some blocks and a sheet of plywood, or driven stakes to secure whatever platform arrangement you come up with to the slope.

    First and foremost, keep safety in mind. Over build, over secure, and otherwise over design your platform so that it can't fail when you're at the top of the ladder at maximum reach.
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