Hi all, new here. Hoping there are wise minds who can help me stop over-thinking this!

We have a very small 1/2 bath that we would like to fix up. The first step was supposed to be laying a new tile floor. The toilet sits on what I believe is called a 'toilet pedestal' or a 'closet slab' which extends several inches from the toilet base. I haven't got a clue how to go about tiling around it. Removing it isn't something I'm excited about- it appears to be connected to the floor via some sort of mortar/strong adhesive/magic, and the sub floor isn't much- the whole bathroom is basically a tiny uninsulated shell hanging off of the back of the house. Putting in enough subfloor to bring the tile level with the pedestal would put the height above that of the adjoining room and complicate door issues.

I feel like there is a simple solution I'm overlooking here. Help please!