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    Default Slate Counter tops - need advice please

    Hi, I have heard both great things and not so great things about slate counter tops. One friend says her slate is basically indestructible.... no scratches, stains, etc. I have read ****** that slate is a big contender for counter tops, arguably outperforming granite.

    Other people have told me the exact opposite...that I will HATE my slate counter tops within a week because of scratches and stains.

    I love the look of slate and would prefer this over marble or granite. I have heard that Vermont slate is the superior slate (above Italian). I am looking for a black or charcoal gray color. Do you guys have any recommendations? Is it just a matter of sealing it? I want low maintenance but a natural look that isn't granite!

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    Default Re: Slate Counter tops - need advice please

    one of the nice things about natural stone is that there is such a great variation in the different stones. some are more pourous, some are extremely dense. some can be so dense that you wouldn't have to ever worry about sealers of any kind. If you like slate then you vermont slate is surly one of the ones you want to look at. very dense and any scratches are easily rubbed out. (let see you do that with corian or even granite) and several varieties and color variations.

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