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    Default Marvin or Pella replacement window sashes

    We are trying to decide between Pella's Architect Series replacement sash and Marvin's sash pak kit.

    We are replacing wood sashes in an 85yr old colonial home. It's important to us to maintain the original integrity of the house, that's why we're going with wood. Our preference is Pella's track which is only about 1/2 wide and surrounded by wood. Marvin has a large PVC track which you don't notice too much, as long as your windows are painted white.

    Does one window hold up better than the other?? Mostly I'm concerned re the wood. We are in the wet northwest and these windows have a southern exposure. Hot sun in summer and very frequent rains the rest of the year (our bad weather comes from the south...south wind bad news, north wind get ready for a nice day outside!)

    Does anyone have a preference for one manufacturer over the other?? There is a local manufacturer, but they use the PVC track also, and they are mega $$.


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    Default Re: Marvin or Pella replacement window sashes

    IMO & IME.....Marvin wins...hands down.

    Nothing but super customer service from Marvin and a great product. If there is a problem (very rare), the Marvin rep and Marvin company have answered the call ...pronto....on their dime.

    Try that with Pella. Once the sale is done and they have your money in're on your own. Zero concern and zero customer sale.

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    Default Re: Marvin or Pella replacement window sashes

    Another vote for Marvin. Regardless of what brand, if you use wood, you must lap the paint on to the glass by 1/16", I also recommend cap beading the bottom of the glass/wood joint.

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