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http://www.tvtower.com/fpl.html while an indictment against the local utility company’s up keep of equipment and their personnel trespassing,
Why are you posting irrelevant nonsense. Picture is cited to show only one thing. The item that provides a primary protection system. Picture shows what to inspect when the primary protection system is compromised. Was that picture too difficult for your comprehension? No. Helpful is to read what was posted; not add irrelevant trivia. But any excuse to post nasty accusations is your purpose. Pictured is what a homeowner should inspect to have a functioning primary protection system. Is that restatement simple enough?

tschmidt is a professional who does this stuff. You are a cheap shot artist who attacks only to argue. Which one has credibility? Only a cheap shot artist, trying to appear superior, would take a cheap shots at professionals and experts. Yes, we are discussing why you keep posting nonsense. It is not to learn technology.

Did you forget to criticize the NIST? They also contradict your nasty accusations and 'Google search' conclusions. Why did you forget to criticize the NIST? Another responsible source contradicts your accusations. So you pretend NIST's facts do not exist?

Ground is the solution for lightning protection. Protection has always been about where energy dissipates - no matter how much you distort reality. Ground is inspected first when a human failure results in lightning damage. Basic electrical knowledge says why lightning does not enter via ground. I will put the phrase that says why, this time, inside quotes so that you cannot miss it for a sixth time. It is called "single point ground".

Did your Google searches forget to mention why single point earthing is so effective? Probably not. Ignoring that reality is how to create another strawman. Single point grounding routinely eliminates that and other similar problems such as ground loops. Why do you conveniently ignore what even your Google search made obvious?

You don't remember correctly because you never knew of Ufer grounds until I provided that knowledge. Ufer grounds are more conductive grounds for so many reasons. Oh. Electric currents can ignore more conductive path to instead use less conductive paths? You posted it. Amazing how electricity now violates what was known even 100 years ago. Amazing what qualifies for education these days. This nastiness is what you started and want. So let's discuss whether you even graduated high school. Apparently not since electricity now ignored more conductive circuits. Your education is just too thin to justify that ego.

Since Ufer grounds are deep in soil - always moist - then Ufer grounds are more conductive. A preferred ground often installed to avert lightning damage. An excellent solution for making surge protectors even more effective. An excellent solution because electricity flows in the more conductive paths - no matter what myths you might invent. Superior earthing - a more conductive path - was and still is essential to surge protection.

So where is your cheap shot at the US Air Force? Oh. That Air Force requirement was so bluntly accurate that you could not take a cheap shot at the US Air Force? Could not cheap shot the ARRL? Could not dispute how grounding eliminated surge damage to a Nebraska radio station? Could not disagree with how Orange County FL eliminated lightning damage? Or were their sentences just too long and complicated?

How strange. Even Sun Microsystems makes reality so obvious. So why did you forget to attack Sun? What would Rush Limbaugh do? Personal attacks. What was your every post? Disparaging remarks. Are you really Rush Limbaugh? Your memory seems to be so similar to his.

Why was Ufer ground pioneered? So that direct lightning strikes would not cause munitions explosions. Ufer grounds or equivalent should be standard for all new homes because a protector is only as effective as its earth ground. Oh. You forgot what makes direct lightning strikes and other surges irrelevant? How convenient. Then you can create more strawmen and argue.

Bonding is for numerous functions. One of the better known reasons is human safety. Apparently that is your entire knowledge of bonding. Even your Google search said bonding does more. But that is what ego does. Makes you read only what you want to read.

Direct lightning strikes with no damage are routine. Protection from direct lightning strikes is so routine that damage is considered a human failure. Yes, human failure is why damage occurs. Instead, Oh the stories you could tell? By conveniently ‘forgetting’, you never learned what was known even 100 years ago. Even sentences written back then required a high school reading ability.

Informed consumers can learn from more responsible sources such as Polyphaser's legendary application notes at:
How will you take a cheap shot at Polyphaser?

IEEE Standard 141 (The Red Book) also describes how surge protection works:
> In actual practice, lightning protection is achieve by the process of
> interception of lightning produced surges, diverting them to ground, and
> by altering their associated wave shapes.

Another source so that you can cheap shot. Strange how many professional know things you don't. So you take every opportunity to accuse and obfuscate reality. You really are Rush Limbaugh, aren't you.

When you are ready, we can discuss your apology. Or you now have an even longer list of professionals to attack. Your choice.