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    Default old wall paneling and wallpaper

    I just bought a 100yr old farm. The home seems to be in great condition for its age. I want to remove all the wall paneling and the many layers of old wallpaper. I am just sure how to go about it. I have never lived in a home that has plaster walls so I am not sure how it will react. Someone said it was plaster with horse hair if that makes any differance. I would LOVE to remove it all and have the true walls showing but I am also prepared to just cover the paneling with a heavy wall paper and then a paintable wall paper. Any suggestions????
    Thank you....

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    Default Re: old wall paneling and wallpaper

    Horsehair is just a bonding material that they used to hold the plaster together. Immaterial to what you're doing.

    If I understand what you're trying to accomplish, I'd strip all the old wallpaper, put a skim coat of dry wall mud on the walls and sand them smooth. Now you can paint or paper to your heart's content.

    As far as paintable wallpaper, I've never seen it look good. You'll always have cracks where the seams are and it's just not going to be a quality job. You're going to be spending some time on this project, might as well do it right. You'll be happier with it in the long run. If you're going to paint, strip the paper off first. You can paper over paper if you want but I'm not crazy about that either. Your choice on that one.

    Good Luck.

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