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Thread: Septic Odor

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    It wouldn't have to be the vent could be below the trap in the pipe to the right which said went upstairs it could be below the trap which would link all the lines together or it could be off the kitchen one as well. since you can't see the trap on any of the others there is no telling from the picture where the vent is connected and as long as it is below the trap all would be connected together.

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    Yep ... just like I couldn't imagine the "P" trap being where it is.
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    Thanks for all the replies......the pipe with the trap is the waste line for the washer....which is on the opposite side of the wall.....if you punched a hole in the wall in that area, you'd hit the back of the washer. I haven't got hold of my Nephew yet....I told my Wife to go ahead and to a odor.....go figure

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