Four years ago we bought our old house on the north shore of Lake Erie. It was built in 1906 by the owners of the old house across the street as a summer home for their niece, then purchased by a local factory 'for housing management' ten years afterwards. In the fifties, the local building supply bought the house and duplexed it, adding a bathroom and another kitchen, and of course, more walls.
Four years ago we bought the place and began to convert it back to a single family dwelling. First we removed all the trim and woodwork, then gutted it, right down to the studs. We beefed up the framing, removed the duplexing walls and extra rooms, and converted two bedrooms into one master with ensuite. We floored the entire house in tamarack (the original flooring was badly damaged), replaced all the windows with wood interior/aluminum exterior (the original windows had been replaced by cheap vinyl), and converted the walk-up attic into a gym/home theater.
Here are a few pictures - don't read the captions if you have a sensitivity to salty language!