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    Default Re: Anybody know anything about swimming ponds?

    Howdy imagine sitting back soaking in the warmth- as i get older i really enjoy this part- in your spa looking out at the ponds that you do not have to maintain or worry about being fit to swim in. An pausing to remember how much work an $$$ over the years you have not had to endure. Then have another sip of bubbly and think a kind thought, high regard for this post.
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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    Default Re: Anybody know anything about swimming ponds?

    We were also thinking about changing a pond into swimming pond. But when I went through its hygiene test, I found it to be less realistic to even think of making swimming pond. A swimming pool would be way better and cleaner than a pond. We chucked the idea of pond and made a large over ground swimming by contributing together.

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