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    Lightbulb Broken out latch plate on wooden door repair

    My wooden door broke where the latch plate screws into the door. I made some calls to handymen and big box stores and they all said that the only resolution was to replace the whole door. This would entail a cost for the door and installation about $400! I was about to resolve myself to this expense while discussing my delima at THD when lo and behold I looked down and there was a display of shims. They looked to be about the same width as the door thickness. So, I bought a package of the shims (.99) and some wood glue ($2.47), took them home and pieced and glued the broken out part of the door. I let it set-up overnight and this morning put the knob and latch plate back in. Guess what?!?! It repaired it like a charm. In fact, the repair is stronger than it has ever been and is a good solid wood base in which to screw the plate into. Hope this helps someone else save $400.
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    Default Re: Broken out latch plate on wooden door repair

    Congrats! You have just made a dutchman.

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