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    Default refinishing pine floors

    if the floors have old adhesive from carpet or linoleum, why can't you just sand down to the original wood and refinish? what would recommend after the sanding and before staining - penetrating finish or poly finish?

    heard that the latter can come out as the floor expands/contracts with hot and cold weather?

    any help on how to approach this with our victorian would be appreciated?

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    Default Re: refinishing pine floors

    It's going to depend on how much and what kind of mastic is on the floor. Some mastic melts under a sander and smears and burns on the wood and clogs the sand paper. There are several different sanding sealers that can be used to control staining and help prevent blotching. If you use a light stain like honey pine stain it can usually be applied with out a sanding sealer.
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