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    Default Sagging Interior Panel Doors

    I have a house built in 1989. All the interior doors are 6-Panel wood doors. Several of them sagged and require "lifting" the door to get the door to latch properly. I have thought about pulling the door off and dowelling the frame with to square the door.

    Is there a better way? Simple technique or tool ?


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    Default Re: Sagging Interior Panel Doors

    The problem is likely settling of the house, loose hinges, misaligned strike, or a combination of the bunch.

    Check the hinges first to make sure the screws are tight and the hinges are properly seated. Next, close the door and look at the gap around the door from the inside. If the gap is even across the top, it's likely a misaligned strike, which can be filed to enlarge the hole, or relocated which will require some extra work on the jamb to hide the repair. If the opening is out of whack due to the house settling, then you'll probably want to readjust the strike plate to make the door work, over removing the door frame and resetting it in it's opening.
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