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    Default Who buys old window glass?

    Hi All.

    We are updating the windows in our 100 year old house. The windows in the original part of the home are ~ 100 years old as well. The glass panes are the old style lead wavy glass.

    I've been searching for architectural salvage places that purchase (apparently they only sell - not sure how the inventory appears).

    Not having much luck. Has anyone done this before? What's the best way to find your local architectural salvage spot?



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    Default Re: Who buys old window glass?

    Check with your locale historical society. You might do better donating them than trying to sell them.
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    Default Re: Who buys old window glass?

    Try www.oldhouseweb.com/forums/. There are always people looking for glass or they could tell you where there might be a salvage yard that would take it. But I would try the old house forum first. Hope this helps

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