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    Question Bees VS. Yellow jackets

    Yellow jackets, hornets etc. are not bees
    Will bees & yellow jackets live in one area together or will one push the other out? Can you make bees dominate over yellow jackets?

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    Default Re: Bees VS. Yellow jackets

    I assume you are referring to honey bees rather than nuisance "bees" such as the yellow jacket and other waspy critters.

    Honey bees are attracted to water and flowers, wasps generally are attracted to certain types of trees, meat and food items. If you're having a problem with the nuisance bees, then hanging traps is highly effective to divert them from more populated areas of your property.

    If you see a wasp nest, deal with it while it's small and relatively unpopulated. At night, in the dark after they've gone to bed is the best time to go after them. Spray the nest with wasp spray that shoots up to 20'. Once they are dead (the spray kills on contact), knock the nest down and the bees will leave.
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