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    I am in process of upgrading a bathroom by installing new tiles on the floor. Is it possible to install the new tiles on top of the old existing tile? (The existing tile is installed on concrete slab)
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    It might be possible but to do it right you need to remove the old tiles. It's not that hard though it does entail some work. Usr a hammer and break a few tiles near a corner, then with a wide cold chisel pop the pieces out. Once you've got this hole use the cold chisel against the edge of the next tile and so on till you're done. Keep the chisel low aiming it as if you're trying to get under the tile. A bit of experimenting as you go will give you the right angle ot use. With any luck they'll come up in big pieces, maybe even each tile popping out whole.

    Some tiles are laid in a mortar bed rather than on tileboard, and sometimes these can be such a bugger to remove that it's easier to sledgehammer the whole bed out than to try keeping the bed level and removing the tiles. Much more work here and much messier, but again to do the job right you need a good base for the new tiles and the old tiles won't do that for you. Shortcuts are appealing (even to those of us who do the work everyday) but they usually result in more problems later on so lock in that determined smile and go for it knowing that when you're done, you'll have a lasting job you will be proud of!


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