I am about to tear out the old pine stair treads in my house and replace them with new Red Oak, I am going to poly the oak treads and leave the existing pine risers and skirt boards which will be painted white.

My question is what is the best procedure to installing the new oak treads to avoid any sqeaks in the future? The stairway is 14 treads long, and typical 36" wide, I have a stair stringer in the middle and sides, the hosue is from 1950. I have no access below the steps to do any reinforcment from below.

What is the best adheasive to use or caulk? and what type of fastners do I use? screws or nails? I am assuming I will have to countersink all the screw holes and then puddy them after. How many screws per tread/stringer? any help will be appretieated, or any links to good sites on installing new stair treads, I have tried to look on-line but can not find any information on this.