We bought our 1979 deck house this past November, with the #1 priority being to replace 2 toilets (one in master bath and one in upstairs bath). Besides from being original with the house, they are terrible colors (mustard & brown). As our friend put it, "I don't want to know what a 30 year toilet has been through.". They look very beat up.
So, I ordered 2 new American Standard toilets from Lowe's the week after we moved in. Nothing fancy, but not the cheapest model either. I had my brother (a general contractor and plumbing genius) come to install them. I didn't even bother to think our house had unique toilets, but alas, it does. We have 2 (old) American Standard floor mounted rear outlet toilets with a 3.5" trapway. I have spent probably a good 3 hours searching ****** for ANYTHING that we could buy as a replacement. Holy Moly - does a replacement even exist???? I think the American Standard Yorkville might work, but I would prefer not to have pressure assisted if possible and would really love to not have to spend $700 on each one.
If anyone is familiar with another option for a floor mounted rear outlet toilet or have any advice for me on how to replace these, I would greatly appreciate it.
BTW - I called a plumber to see if it made more sense in the long run to rip these toilets out and re-plumb to floor outlet flush models (aka something normal) but he told me he would have to open the ceiling underneath in order to give me a quote and we want to avoid that route if possible. THANKS!