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    Default Granite shelves brittle

    We have two shelves made of Granite and one threshold. They are fairly new a little over 2 years. The problem is the shelf that recieves the most direct water and holds the majority of the soaps and shampoos has become brittle. Not the whole length approx 4' but the first 24" looks and feels as if it is drying out. Is this normal? And what might be a possible correction?

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    Default Re: Granite shelves brittle

    do you remember the name for the granite? certain granites are very brittle but the fabricator should have been aware of which types and should have forewarned you of any particular problems. I'M assuming it is 2 c.m. thick (about three quarters of an inch) I would make sure that I put a thick coat of sealer on it, and maybe that would help. but can't say as I have heard of this happening before.

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