have a 40-year one and one-half story house. The front soffit is covered with dental molding so there are no soffit vents. The roof's pitch is steep and high. The seconded floor is dormered on the back and there are a five slotted grill vents in the dormer leading to the top attic. The attic venting consists of five sheet metal vents on the backside of the steeply pitched roof as well as one thermostatically controlled fan (Broan) which I replaced last year when I moved in b/c is wasn't working. I am fairly certain that there in inadequate venting in my attic. (To be more confused, I'm now hearing about houses that are not vented but rather insulated with foam). I think my roof decking and shingles are being cooked. My question is should I have a ridge vent added (I'm not getting up there) or add gable-end vents and possibly a larger, louvered thermostatically controlled attic fan on one gable end. Thanks.