Thank you for reading this and responding to my query.

We live in a factory-built house which needs the vinyl flooring replaced. I have two estimates and need help in deciding which way to go. The first is for Armstrong vinyl with a lifetime warranty, which was measured by the salesman. He stomped on the floor a couple of times and stated to me that the floor seemed level and stable enough, and that the installer would just emboss the old vinyl and glue the new down on top, butting it up to the trim. The second estimate is for a Tarkett product with a 10 year warranty; however, the actual install guys came and measured and looked the project over. They pegged the house as having a floating floor right now, and will need to install a new underlayment before laying the new sheet goods. The second quote is twice as expensive as the first, due to the added cost of installing the underlayment. I have no experience in this, and would appreciate any advice you guys can share with me.