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    Default kitchen plumbing

    i am putting in new configuation for kitchen plumbing. Does anyone know of a good book that is written in lay mans terms that can explain how to do this. i would like to install correctly for code in wisconsin. Actually, the main plumbing drain that connects to the drain that goes out of the house needs to be replaced too. it is currently cast i change it to pvc? how do i cut the cast iron and how do you connect cast iron and pvc?

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    I moved my cabinets about 5 inches south of their original location when I remodeled my kitchen. Would've loved to move them further but there was a heat vent in the way. My plumbing lined up with minor adjustments. I did, however, pay the plumber to replace my water valves as they were old and wouldn't function properly.

    I think you could call a plumber with a few measurements and perhaps describe what's currently under your sink and he could tell you if he could give you a free estimate.

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