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    Default Replacing Galvanized Pipes

    I am planning on replacing the galvanized piping in my home, which was built 1950. Replacing hot and cold and waste water pipes..........

    What should I use PEX, CPVC or COPPER?

    I live in Minnesota so the weather comes into play and I don't want to spend a bundle.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Replacing Galvanized Pipes

    Not clear why the weather may have to do with anything.

    Personally either pex or copper would be my choices --- you should price then out as to what's available and cost in your area.

    In cases pex can be a little more pricey with the fittings etc. than copper but with pex you can have continious runs from point A to B --- whereas copper will need many fittings soldered to make transistions.
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    Default Re: Replacing Galvanized Pipes

    Hello neighbor, from WI Hands down PEX for water lines and PVC for all waste & vents. Pex you will need to borrow a crimp tool or someplace's even rent them out. Other than that, it is so much easier to work with and will last much longer then anything else. I have been installing Cast Iron, steel, cpvc, copper, PVC, abs for over 30 yrs. Today, PVC & PEX are the way to go! Good Luck
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    Default Re: Replacing Galvanized Pipes

    I used a company called ACE Duraflo LLC
    They can clean and coat the inside of your pipes (with epoxy)
    wihtout destruction, try there web-site

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