I am afraid to get in over our head with this as we haven't budgeted to re-wall this huge home. I am afraid to remove what appears to be one layer of well done wallpaper throughout the home in fear that the old plaster will crumble when doing so. I have always been one to gape at painted wallpaper w/disdane...but now in this case...I am actually considering it. I have been told to polyurethane all existing wallpaper by a neighbor and then paint over? Also another neighbor (both have 1865 Federals) has reccommeded buying some product of paper that goes onto the wallpaper to paint.
Without replacing walls what is the safest thing to do? Is their a way to test taking the wallpaper down in some of the rooms to try and get to the original plaster?
I don't want to touch a thing until I get adequate advice on how to remove, when to remove, and what to remove with. Also if removal is not an option, what to use for painting over?