I am having a stone patio installed next to my house. It is approx 15 feet wide and 35 feet long with a 35 foot long six foot wide walkway leading to the patio.

The contractor graded out the soil, installed new drains and catch basins and poured a 4 inch concrete base (we're in central North Carolina) He is now going to lay thin (1 inch thick) stone on top of the concrete.

When I asked why there were no expansion joints he said "no need to put them in as we're going to lay lab wire over the concrete before installing the stone on top". I called a local engineer who told me this is perfectly accectable, that the wire should prevent any shifting of the stone and it wouldn't matter if the concrete moved since the stone would cover it.

There is 4 foot high stone wall on one side of the patio and my house on the other - should I insist that expansion joints be installed?