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    Post Carbon Monoxide Detector

    The CO detector in our home was apparently installed in 1996, I am assuming that means I should replace it ASAP. When I went to inspect it I noticed that it not only had a battery pack, but it is wired (electric) in (and so is the smoke detector). Why?

    How do I go about replacing these...?

    Thank you,

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    They are wired as well as battery powered so that they will still work if the battery is dead. Usually these are all tied together so that if one goes off, all go off.

    You will need a similar unit, electric and battery, to replace the ones you have. Most CO detectors have about a 5 year life so I doubt yours is doing any CO detection at this point. What is the make / model of what you currently have?

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    Battery back up in case the power fails.
    And yes time to replace that rascal.
    Methinks newer models beep after seven years, signaling time for a replacement.

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