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    I have a piece of 10 foot crown I need to cut (outside corners). I'm having a problem keeping the piece square. My cut on the short piece is fine but the cut on the longer piece is not fitting.
    I believe it is due to the fact that when I miter the long piece is not square in the saw.
    I'm using the Rockler crown jig. Is there any way of making sure the long piece is square in the saw without getting too sophisticated?

    Len Perno

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    If its the same Rockler crown jig as I have....

    You adjust the front fence to match the angle of the crown so it sits flush on the base and back fence.

    You support the long end of the crown to the level of the saw bed with something to keep the piece from sagging and twisting. (telescoping roller stand, saw horses, workbench, etc.)

    You hold the piece firmly in the jig against the base and back fence to keep the correct angle.

    Watch your fingers and cut carefully. I use a roller stand that telescopes to the height of my saw stand. Just having the base of the crown supported and holding the piece firmly in the jig keeps it from twisting on me. I like having the cut reminder right on the jig to help me cut the angles correctly (it also helps me to have a couple sample pieces cut to the different corners I will be using)

    Hope this helps!

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