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    Cool Visiting gardens for inspiration

    With people NOT going on vacay this summer, there's a lot of discovering local gems going on. That includes visiting local gardens and estates.

    There are private AND public gardens open. What are the best in the US to visit? I'd love to see them.

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    Contact the "gardening" section of your local newspaper for a listing of groups in your area. Many groups maintain both public and private gardens that are open to visitors. Contact realtors in your area for historic neighborhoods that participate in "open house" events where the public is invited to see the homes and gardens.
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    here in tallahassee we have maclay gardens which were the private gardens of one of the old mansions here. when the elder man died his wife willed the grounds to the state of florida. so it is a rather old garden and is rather nice, not real large you can walk most all of it in just a couple of hours unless you are like me and need to stop and inspect everything

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    Beside a garden wall where stars are bright
    You are in my arms.
    The nightingale tells his fairy tale of paradise where roses grew,
    Though I dream in vain, in my heart it always will remain,
    My stardust melody,
    The memory of love's refrain.

    And now the purple dusk of twilight time,
    Steals across the meadows of my heart,
    High up in the sky, the little stars climb,
    Always reminding me that we're apart.
    You wandered down the lane and far away,
    Leaving me a song that will not die.
    Love is now the stardust of yesterday,
    The music of the years gone by.

    Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely night,
    Dreaming of a song,
    The melody haunts my reverie,
    And I am once again with you,
    When our love was new, and each kiss an inspiration.
    But that was long ago, now my inspiration,
    Is in the stardust of a song.

    Stardust-Hoagy Carmicheal
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    We go to Woodward Park at 21st and Peoria in Tulsa, OK to choose our color scheme of azaleas and other shade loving plants to stand against our sandstone house.

    Just south of the park is the Tulsa Rose Garden where I can see how J&P roses actually fair in Tulsa before I purchase them.

    We try to take a road trip "down home" to the Talimena Drive between Talihina, OK and Mena, AR. Through the mountains for the fall foliage.

    One more treasure is a private garden. My Aunt has a great friend who was as into gardening as she was at the time. Every time she would gather babies from my beloved grandmother's house, he got them too. Now he's relocated to another state but his garden is there to gather heirloom plants, and carry on the gardening tradition in my family. I have crepe myrtle, hydrangeas, hostas, roses, plum trees, and cocks comb to treasure thanks to my honorary uncle who loves my grandmother as much as we do. It also gives me a link to her since her home was sold a few years before her death and the yard has been destroyed by the tenants.

    Debby in Oklahoma

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    St. Louis has the Botanical Gardens (we all just call it Shaw's Garden for Henry Shaw). They have a special 'back yard' area (or used to , i need to get down there and check it out!).

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    Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania is interesting enough that I've visited a few times.

    Here is the distance from several mid-Atlantic locations:
    Philadelphia, PA - 30
    Wilmington, DE - 12
    Valley Forge, PA - 28
    Lancaster, PA - 43
    Baltimore, MD - 72
    Washington, DC - 110
    New York, NY - 130

    There's also the National Arboretum in DC proper.

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