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    Default Help! I need quick advice on granite sinks

    Has anyone bought a Blanco Silgranit kitchen sink in the biscuit color (off-white)? I am redoing my kitchen, installing tile countertops and the sink cabinet is 30" so I am pretty limited to sink choices. Have to use a tile-in or drop in type. I have only seen catalogue/****** pictures. Does this sink show black marks from pots? Is it hard to keep clean? Need to know if it will hold up without a lot of maintenance or if I should just get a stainless sink and be safe. Thanks in advance for any advice!

    p.s. my contractor is building the countertops as I write this so I've got to make a quick decision and get it ordered. thanks again..

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    Default Re: Help! I need quick advice on granite sinks

    I haven't had that good of an experience with blanco sinks. almost a quarter of them that the customer has brought me has been cracked and had to be replaced before installing. so if you decide to go with a blanco or any composite sink please make sure to open the box and check it before leaving the store.

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