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Thread: Crown Moulding

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    I am installing crown moulding all over my house. My living room has a pitched ceiling with beems. Do you install moulding on a pitched ceiling with beems, and if you do what size moulding? my dining room has a pitched ceiling without beems. the question is what do I do?

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    First,I have no idea as to if crown molding goes with beams. Personal preference would be my guess. Try to copy the color of the beams, or close to it. Dont clash their appearance. Size wise, I think the molding is like 3". At the least, I would put a flat molding with your desired pattern, maybe to copy what you are using for crown. Then stain & seal the wood and put it a height at or below the base line of the pitch. Follow this around the perimiter of the room. Perhaps, using a laser type level or gyro (whatever those lasers are that spin and project a line through out the room) so it all looks level, especially if they are large rooms. this should work in both rooms.
    This is entirely up to you, ... just continue reading replies, you will probably find something to work with.

    Rich Kelly

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    It's your home so you can do as you please! But if you want other's to like it then you will want to size the moulding to fit in with the other elements, such as the beams and the room size. At this point I'd suggest that you put the project on the back burner and begin looking at how other similar homes accomplish this. Most larger towns have realty 'home tours' or open houses you can see for free. After seeing how others do it you'll have a better idea of what you want and how to accomplish it.

    In some instances crown moulding applied to angled ceilings just doesn't look right to me while in other situations it works great. And there are many variations possible, such as not doing the whole room or adding a line at the top of the wall as a 'picture moulding' to connect with existing crown in the rest of the house. Anything is possible but you need to know what you want before starting so you don't end up tearing out what you've just done if you find you don't like it! IMHO, this is the most common decorating mistake people make. Looking at pctures isn't enough, go see what the trim styles look like in similar homes in person before you decide to go with it in your own home.


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