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    Default kitchen drain pipe

    i found a water leak under the kitchen sink and it was the chrome p trap had rusted through.i went to the hardware store to get a new trap and all that they had was 1 1/4" drain kits. i was told by the gentleman in the plumbing dept. i could use 1 1/4" inch pipe in the kitchen with no problem. i installed the 1 1/4" pipe because company was on the way.will this drain be o.k or does it need to be replaced with 1 1/2" drain . thanks..

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    A kitchen drain is supposed to be 1.5" by code, that being said it's your house so you can decide. Here's an article I wrote on Kitchen sink drain installation.
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    Default Re: kitchen drain pipe

    It would be interesting to see what he sold you to connect 1-1/4" to a 1-1/2" basket strainer and then to a 1-1/2" drain line.


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