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    Default is it possible to lay tile over sheet vinyl?

    we're about to undertake our first tiling project in our bathroom, and there is sheet vinyl installed. we were planning on laying hardibacker over it, then laying the tile. are we on the right track? thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

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    Default Re: is it possible to lay tile over sheet vinyl?

    With any tile floor you need a sound structure with little flex known as bounce.
    Check the floor joist structure if it's only 2x8 chances are it will bounce which results in cracks in grout and possibly the tiles.... so some solid cross
    blocking at 4 foot intervals between the joists may be required.

    If you decide to not go through the effort of removing the vinyl surface and the 1/4 inch underlayment ... make sure that you use screws to secure the backer board.... at least 3 inches long or longer ( not drywall screws) and into the joists.

    Hopefully this helps.
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