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    Default Replacing a bathtub? Got any tips?

    I'm going to be starting on the remodel of my bathroom. I'm pulling everything out to the studs probably. I'm going to replace the bathtub too, b/c it's an old yellowish one and refinishing it will cost 3x what a new white tub will cost from Lowes/Home Depot. So, does anyone have any tips for us?

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    Default Re: Replacing a bathtub? Got any tips?

    If it's cast iron and not worth salvaging or donating, you can break it into manageable pieces by wacking it with a sledge hammer.

    This can really save your back and the the walls and trim of your home especially if you have to maneuver down halls and flights of stairs.

    Be sure you note the drain and wall configuration of your tub when you go to order or purchase the new on. Our own plumbing and heating expert, Rich Trethewey tells a great story of how he lugged a heavy tub several flights up a Boston town home only to realize the drain was on the wrong side when he fit his tub against the wall.

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