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    I am installing a commode in an older slab build. After applying the pressure on the wax ring the the whole thing is high on one side.

    What is the best course of action, reseat it or shim the low side?


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    Try sanding down the one side it may be buckled from set water?? Good luck! and happy

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    You can set the bowl into a bed of plaster or Structolite but thats a one shot deal so if you F it up you won't be happy.
    The other choice is to buy a base made for toilets. I'm sure you've seen them before. They're rectangle...the length and width of the bowl with a cut out for the wax ring. They're usually about an inch+ or so thick.

    If you go with setting it into a bed of mud the structolite gives you some more working time but I prefere plaster being its harder. If you add a splash of milk or white vinegar it will extend the drying time for you to set the bowl level. Tool the plaster that oozes out from the edges to be nice and smooth to the toilet base and caulk when dry a day or two later.Also you can buy a small amt of plaster unlike the giant bags of Structolite you have to buy.
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