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    When washer spins out to empty we hear glug glug glug sound coming from kitchen sink. Home is 55 yrs+ had septic system until the 70's then converted to public system. Its a split level with sewage pipe exits on the mid level. I think I need to tap into the vent pipe. Need to know how. Thanks Art Bradley (PS I'm sure you have shown this on a previous show can you direct me there)

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    It sounds like a vent problem.

    The heavy, pumped flow, of the washer is creating a siphon effect within the drain system that may be sucking the water out of the trap for the kitchen sink. The water that normally fills the trap not only keeps sewer gas out of the house, it blocks noise as well.

    It will be difficult to address your specific problem without seeing it, but, in general, each fixture or trap should be protected by its own vent. The vent allows pressures, either negative or positive, to be relieved before they affect the water seal in the trap.

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