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    Default Salvaging old wet bed tile

    I want to reuse the old hand painted backsplash tiles presently in my kitchen. The walls are plaster over wood lathe. The tiles are cemented on to the plaster. I don't need to remove individual tiles. I can use the backsplash in one long piece. How can I remove the whole thing? Is it possible to cut around it like you would with a paper cut out? What kind of a saw would I use? Will the whole wall fall down on me?!? Can I patch the cut out with wall board?
    HELP!!! I only have about 10 days before the wrecking ball!

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    Default Re: Salvaging old wet bed tile

    The lath being individual slats of wood are nailed to the wall framing and the plaster base coat is applied so that it oozes between the slats ( keyed). The top coat of plaster apllied over top of this .... the adeasive and your tiles attached to that. Unfortunately vibration from a saw can cause enough vibration to loosen the the plaster or break away from the lath.

    So unless you cut the the studs to try and remove the whole section out as one piece you're going to be hard pressed to remove them without some cracks happening. If the back splash butts to an adjoining wall at a corner this makes it more difficult.

    If you happen to sucessfully remove the section lay it down on a sheet of plywood for example...... to carry it ..... otherwise it will probably snap in half when trying to carry it.
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    Default Re: Salvaging old wet bed tile

    Thank you! We need to reconstruct that whole wall, since there is going to be a new beam put in. So, does that mean I can cut the studs all the way across the wall and put temporary studs to hold it up while they are replacing the beam? Is there a special saw? The cabinets above & below have already been removed with no damage to the tiles. All that remains is a long wall of backsplash tile.
    Thank you so much for replying. The demo people arrive in about 5 days & I need to have this all figured out by then.

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